Debian hardfp headless server on a CuBox

by Michael Birch

I used the CuBox installer to install Debian hardfp headless server on my CuBox.

Needed to connect via serial port, so followed the instructions here:

I installed the drivers:

I used these instructions for installing minicom:

When I tried to connect using minicom I kept getting a repeating message:

asoc: CS42L51 <-> mv88fx-i2s1 No matching rates

I found the answer here:

sudo apt-get --reinstall install dbus
sudo reboot
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

This worked, but I needn’t have bothered because I planned to use the CuBox installer to load a headless server.

I followed the instructions here:

The first USB drive didn’t work and I had to copy the u-boot.bin file to the boot directory.

I chose the second option: Debian hardfp headless server

Configuring the timezone

Updated the timezone with:

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Configuring the hostname

Needed a shorter name that would be recognised by my router so that I could use a fixed IP for the cubox.

changed debian-armhf-cubox to mikes-cubox

vi /etc/hostname

Added this line:


Add the cubox to the hosts file:

vi /etc/host

Add this line:       localhost mikes-cubox

Then update:

invoke-rc.d start

set the password


Fixed IP

set the IP address for the CuBox to on my router.

Logging in to the cubox with ssh

scp  ~/.ssh/ root@
ssh root@
mkdir .ssh
cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
rm -f

alias for ssh

Edited .bash_profile in the home directory and added:

# alias for logging into cubox
alias cb='ssh root@'
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